Galvin La Chapelle - Dec 2013 o/c 160 x 80 cm

Newly added: Behind the Scenes

     JDM's drawings are the work of eye and hand at the instant of seeing. At once participant and observer, his intensity of attention defines the nature of his engagement. Each drawing imagines an immediate and transitory reality, a momentary event in a real place. JDM writes that he is a "fabricator of actualities" which is a perfect description of perception; what is actual is what we make of what the world offers.

His painting like his drawings delight in evanescence: they do not try to make the world hold still or cohere. They are not paintings of things so much as paintings of being with and part of things. They attempt to catch at, without fixing objects and events at the living moment, And also to match quickness of apprehension with a spontaneity of gesture. They imagine the world through the movement of the hand.

Mel Gooding, London